The Day After Mother's Day Skit -Download

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The Day After Mothers Day.jpg

The Day After Mother's Day Skit -Download


Author: Michelle Marx
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 3-5 minutes
Cast Breakdown: 2 Female

Theme: Friendship, Mentoring, Evangelism

     Becca - a young mom with a bunch of young kids

     Vicki - a mom in her mid- 50’s, all of her kids are grown

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Becca: Could we trade houses for awhile?  I could use some peace and quiet!  (both laugh at that)  I’m telling you…IF…and that’s a big IF…I can get the kids to nap during the day I’m doing great!  And a shower by myself, uninterrupted…ooooo that would be heaven. ..

....(one run-on sentence) I just feel like I go from one diaper to the next- you know- to the laundry that “grows and multiplies” on its own, to making meals that the kids “graze” on all day long, which means the dishes never quite get done, to picking up toys, to breaking up fights, to being “nurse mom” to…well…YOU know how it is!

Vicki: Yes.  Yes I do.  And I will tell you I miss it sometimes.  Maybe not the dirty diapers and all that stuff…but