Few life choices have as great an impact as the college you choose. Families find this decision to be overwhelming- there’s a lot to know!  They struggle to understand the process and make wise choices. Kal coaches families with careful, systematic planning which helps position the student for success in college, and in life. She knows that when this process is done well students can graduate in 4 years because they’re focused on a vision for their future, and, will be engaged in a fulfilling career once they graduate.

With her brain development background, Kal started helping students who wished they had done career counseling before they attended a university. She skillfully and successfully has helped countless students rectify poor career and college choices. The weight of their emotional and uninformed decision about their future has made Kal passionate about coaching students and their parents to align the student’s natural traits, passions, and personalities to their career path. There is immeasurable wisdom in deciding a career path before applying to or attending a college. Most make this decision in reverse order, which can end up being very costly in wasted tuition chasing a degree which isn’t a good fit, and, in time, wasting precious months and years when a course correction is necessary.

There is immeasurable wisdom in deciding a career path before applying to or attending a college.

The truth is, most parents don’t have the time, energy or expertise to guide their student through this decision. They hire tutors to help with ACT and SAT test preparation. They hire nutritionists or medical experts when their child is experiencing physical problems. Why should this be any different for the career and college process?

Kal’s process is unique and is tailored to the student. She spends time getting to know the student and follows a proven methodology she created based on her 35 years of counseling experience, and her expertise in administering some simple tests to better understand an individual’s personality and motivations.

Before she meets with your student:

  1. Parents fill out an assessment form regarding their student without consulting with each other.

  2. Parents invite one or more adult friend to give their assessment of the student.

 Session 1 - With the student (90 minutes):

  1.  Meet with the student alone get to know each other and hear a few of his or her life stories.

  2. Student takes a Learning Style Modality Inventory – Typically a person uses all 3 modalities but has a strong preference towards one. She helps the student discover and understand their preferred mode of receiving information. It impacts how he or she prefers to learn and work. Once she’s able to discern the client’s modality it helps tailor other critical tests to their style to improve accuracy and reduce frustration. The test results are used to confirm the best career choices.

  3. Brain Dominance Test – The brain is a muscle. Throughout our childhood we tend to use certain parts of our brain more than others for a whole host of reasons, one being our natural bent. Repeated use creates and fortifies pathways in our brain that impact our cognitive style. She tests clients using the Mind Style Model to help them understand how they perceive and order information naturally. Cognitive style helps identify mental strengths, skills and abilities. When we study topics and look for careers that match our style it engages our natural passions, emotions and a wide range of skills. A match in style and career gives us a strong purpose, brings satisfaction, increases motivation and boosts confidence for life-long success.

  4. At the end of the test, she processes the results with the student.

  5. After the session, the student will receive an emailed copy of the results so he/she can process and weigh what they have learned about themselves against how they think and act in everyday situations. Students are encouraged to note their observations.

 Session 2 - With the student (60 minutes):

  1. Ask, ask, ask!  Asking questions is how we continue to discover and own who we are. The student should bring any thoughts, doubts, and questions they have about themselves from session 1.

  2. Take the MAPP (Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential) test – After testing and helping clients understand their personality, we will move on to the MAPP assessment. This $120 test is included in your fees. This helps us generate a list of right jobs for the student and match them to real careers that align with his or her temperament, strengths, skills and motivation.

  3. Before session 3, Kal will study and compile all test results to generate a final report. 

Session 3 - With the student (90 minutes):

  1. Get ready to be excited! Meet with me to dive into how all the tests fit together. Learn about your top career choices and understand how they match your personality and strengths. Understand scores, job descriptions and the future of your preferred career paths.

  2. Take the reports home and study them. Generate questions and make a list of top 2-5 jobs that interest you before we meet again.

 Step 4 - (60 minutes):

  1. Receive personal coaching regarding your top career choices and help you understand how it is or isn’t a good fit. Identify the skills which might need to be improved, if any, and discuss the potential issues you may encounter.

  2. Receive coaching on next steps: What’s best for you – a local, 2-year college, a university, or trade school. What to look for in colleges. What are some ways to save time and money?

 Session 5 (60 minutes):

  1. Meet with student and their parents to share results and findings.

  2. Q&A

  •  Additional Coaching: Available to talk via phone, video chat or meet to help answer any questions or address new ideas for a nominal fee.

  • Appointments are typically in person, but Skype or phone can be accommodated in some circumstances.

  • To schedule an appointment or inquire about our rates, please contact us Kal@collegecareersconsulting.com or 708-268-5230