Don’t test drive your ‘college and career’ - it’s financially and emotionally devastating!


College is too important to get wrong; it’s too short and expensive to squander. Just like a cup of your favorite caffeine drink, clears your head and gives you the energy to focus on what’s really important, PURPOSE for college (and life) gives clarity and direction.  Without a clear PURPOSE – a clear answer to the question “Why am I going to college?” is not possible. PURPOSE keeps us stable amidst the shifting sands that college life brings.

College challenges our intentionality. Being intentional means to do something on PURPOSE – it’s something you actually meant to do. Our PURPOSE keeps us on course towards our destination.

I want kids to fall in love with who they are so they know they are a masterpiece designed for a PURPOSE.

What We’re About:

So what is your student ultimate destination? What are they meant to do? What is his or her PURPOSE for attending college?

Few life choices have as great an impact as the college you choose. Families find this decision to be overwhelming- there’s a lot to know! In some ways, it’s similar to buying a new car.

 With so many options to choose from, your to-do list is probably a mile long. You’ve got to figure out what type of vehicle best fits your purpose and investigate which makes and models offer the options you want.  No doubt you’ll take your favorites out for a spin before making your big purchase. After all, buying a car is an important decision; you don’t want to make a wrong turn.

The same is true for other big decisions, like choosing a career.

Did you know that 41% of the students entering college this fall won’t graduate? And many of the others will never use their degree because once they start their career, they find out it’s just not a good fit for them. Unfortunately, many of these students also rack up thousands of dollars in loans for an education they’ll never use. Kal at College Careers Counseling is passionate about helping students determine their purpose –what they’re meant to do – and provide best fits BEFORE they apply to college, thus saving time and money. She’s determined to help your student discover a clear purpose and a fulfilling career path which are crucial for success in college, and life.

 So, how do you test-drive a career before moving full speed ahead? Follow these directions.

Check under the Hood

Don’t shift into drive until you know where you’re going. Start by looking inside yourself.  Explore your interests, values, personality, and, most of all, your aptitudes, or natural talents. Look for career options that could be a good match for you, based on what you know and will learn about yourself.

Kal coaches families with careful, systematic planning that leads to success when followed. She knows when this process is done well, students graduate in 4 years and become engaged in a fulfilling and satisfying career.

 With her background in brain development, Kal began helping students who wished they had done career counseling before they attended a university. She has also skillfully and successfully helped many students rectify poor career and college choices. The weight of their emotional and uninformed decision about their future moved Kal to be   passionate about coaching students and their parents to align the student’s natural traits and personalities to the best career path for them There is immeasurable wisdom in deciding a career path BEFORE applying to, and/or attending a college. Many reverse the order, which turns out to be a very costly decision.


My life story makes me passionate about what I do. As you get to know me, you’ll find out that my deepest desire is to connect with your students so they know they are known by me. They are not just someone I meet to coach but rather a person with unique stories, backgrounds, dreams, and talents that matter to me. They have genuine fears and concerns that they live with. I want to walk alongside of them as they actively pursue and process their future. I believe we are not designed to be perfect but a one-of-a kind, sold-out version of ourselves. I want to help them find their one-of-a-kind-ness, their design and their purpose. Everyone I’ve coached is still part of my life.

The Process

I get to know my clients intimately by meeting with them, hearing their stories, listening to their parents and administering a set of assessments. Four hundred minutes and 4 sessions later, I create a storyboard report for each of my clients, that reflect their own personal stories, traits and interest to help them discover what they’re meant to do. Once they get excited about a purpose, I connect them to best career paths.

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