About Us

Creative Ministry Group Consultants (CMG) has been designed to equip churches and volunteers to help them fuel passion, creativity and success as they impact children, students and their families for Jesus Christ. CMG will strive to provide easy access to innovative resources via instant download, printed material and affordable practical training. On request, our writing team can create and customize resources for your ministry. We will work with our ministry partners to create new resources and identify the level of changes required to make resources relevant to our changing culture. We intend to evaluate the success of each resource and follow up to make changes to improve the effectiveness of the each product.

Kal Otis

Product Designer, Author & Church Consultant & Coach

Want fresh and innovative events designed for your church?

Kal Otis is currently a Family & Children’s Pastor in the Chicago area and has over 24 years of ministry experience. She has served in many diverse settings over her career. She has pursued ministry opportunities that best aligned with her gift for relational leadership and still allowed her to be engaged in her first love: ministry to children, teens and their families. Kal was instrumental in leading the change process that grew into a cutting edge, contemporary Family & Children’s ministry at her church. In her current position she leads high performance teams that are both multigenerational and multifunctional. Kal has experience in writing a wide range of curriculum and creative drama; developing innovative programs such as Slime Time, and non-traditional Kid Camps and Vacation Bible Schools.
She is a workshop speaker for the Children’s Pastor’s Conference and Kidology, and has published numerous resources. She has been involved in evaluating church systems and assisting leadership to creatively align and synchronize all areas of ministry towards a common vision. She has a Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Relationships. She is passionate about reaching unchurched children and their families and to see them grow into Christ followers. For years it has been her dream to develop a channel to creatively engage and equip churches and leaders to do Kingdom work with cutting edge material. This led to the birth of Creative Ministry Group. Kal lives in Illinois with her husband Charles, son Chad and dog Dazie. She is a full-time pastor at a local church and enjoys theater, reading, traveling, writing, coffee, dove bars, watching behavior analysis television shows and life-coaching teens. She loves spending time with her friends and family.

Michelle Marx

Product Designer, Author & Consultant

Give her something to create and you won't be disappointed.

Michelle Marx has 21+ years of ministry experience serving the local church, most recently as the worship arts pastor in the Chicago area. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with emphasis in communication arts, literature and music. Her experience includes recruiting, training, organizing and leading ministry teams; leading musical worship services; and writing, directing and producing drama for adults and kids for the local church and community. Michelle also has 32 years of formal classical, jazz and contemporary piano training. She has made guest appearances and musical arrangements on local artist CD recordings, as well as appearances on live shows and musical events throughout the Chicago area.
She is a Creative Planning Expert and has led her teams in cutting edge ministry for adult and family services on Sunday mornings, as well as community outreach events throughout the year. She has facilitated creative brainstorm sessions for churches and teams to improve their ministry strategy and effectiveness. She has mentored young people with leadership abilities to realize their God-given potential and move forward to serve with vision and purpose. Michelle lives in Fosston, Minnesota, and serves a local church with her husband Jon and three active boys, Anthony, Ben and Sam. She is a free-lance writer for the local paper, a private music teacher and a consultant, as well as an innovate writer for Creative Ministry Group. Michelle loves supporting ministry, their teams and doing anything dramatically creative. She also enjoys hiking, anything outdoors, reading a great story, traveling, a great cup of coffee, writing and spending time with family and friends.

Chad Gilchrist

Technical Director & Web Designer

Chad gets his hands involved in anything technological at CMG. From a young age Chad has been involved in assorted computing jobs. His work includes freelancing as a Media Engineer for Kidology, Inc., working for ecommerce businesses, freelance web & graphic design and much more. Chad is never short of ideas and is the make it happen guy! He provided the fuel and expertise to create the CMG website and made an idea a reality in hopes to expand the Kingdom. Chad is quite the Apple™ fan. He also thinks that the church scores a win when we keep pace or move faster than the larger culture. He is currently at DePaul University pursuing a degree in film with a concentration in cinematography as well as a minor in graphic design.