Simply Wonderful Christmas Skit - Download

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Simply Wonderful Christmas Skit - Download


Author: Michelle Marx    
Genre: Comedy Monologue 
Run Time: 4-6 minutes   
Cast Breakdown: 1 Female
Synopsis:  Abby reflects on last year’s Christmas season by reading through her diary entries, the funny things that happened, and pondering her perceived expectations of the perfect season verses simply savoring the wonderful, messy mystery of it all.

Theme:  The reality of the modern Christmas season verses embracing the wonder of it all

Suggested Use: Weeks leading up to Christmas Season, Church Service, Woman’s Ministry event, other church events

Description:  Monologue by one female reflecting on her last crazy Christmas season, and determining to make this one different.

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(flips to marked page)

December 1:  Can’t believe its December already. Only weeks until Christmas. How did this happen? I thought I just saw swimsuits in the store…..

December 18: Spent the evening untangling Christmas lights. My husband informs me that if I had carefully wrapped them up and secured them with a twist tie I wouldn’t be having this problem now. I just stared at him… quite intently… 

December 24: Covered in flour. Kitchen’s a mess, so are the kids. I’m not sure I brushed my teeth today. The dog is coated with sugar sprinkles and a frosting tail....and now he is chasing it.... 

(Closes journal)
 I remember thinking that everywhere I looked I saw messages of “simplify your life” ......