Reflection Of Motherhood Skit - Download

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Reflections of Motherhood.jpg

Reflection Of Motherhood Skit - Download


Author: Michelle Marx    
Genre: Drama   
Run Time: 8-10 minutes   
Cast Breakdown: 4 Female, 1 Male (offstage)   

Theme: A woman’s life, joy and pain, God’s faithfulness, woman’s issues and struggles, issues of motherhood.
Suggested Use:  Worship service, Mother’s Day service, Woman’s ministry, Woman’s/Mom’s banquet

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Sometimes I just get so tired you know?  Does God really care about all the mundane things I do every day?  I struggle just to get five minutes alone to pray or read the Bible and then feel guilty that I’m not spending more time with God.  I’m with the kids all day and just try to keep up with everything. ...........The hardest part for me is the loneliness.  I have to keep busy, which isn’t too hard, to keep my mind off how I feel deep down.  I long to have someone to just talk to…to come home to…to hear me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have friends, but where’s that person I can really share my day with (beat)…someone to hold me close and tell me it’s going to be okay.  Someone to be with….Just (beat)…be.  I’m trying so hard to allow the Lord to be that person in my life.  But it would be so nice to have someone I could touch.  (patting heart)  That would touch me.  (beat)

............Lord, I need you to be that one that I run to, talk to and feel your presence holding me tight.  You are my Father, my Provider and my Comforter.  I will find my peace…my strength…in you.