Chill & Grill Volunteer Appreciation Skit - Download

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Chill & Grill Volunteer Appreciation Skit - Download


Synopsis:  Brad and Frankie have an amusing dialogue, including the importance of appreciating their volunteers, over grilling some burgers. 

Author:  Michelle Marx
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 3-4 minutes
Cast Breakdown: 2 Male
Theme:  Volunteer appreciation
Suggested Use: Volunteer appreciation, Sunday worship, volunteer banquet

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Brad: Thanks for coming over man.  I really appreciate your help at church.  More than just that though, it’s fun to hang out and chill a little too.  You make me laugh!

Frankie: Hey- thanks for having me!  (beat)  Speaking of church Brad…yeah, I’ve been thinking about something lately.  Check it out.  I was thinking that we should really do something for our volunteers next month.  You know, like appreciate them somehow.

Brad: Good idea.  What do you have in mind?.....